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LegalTek: Dedicated to the Clarification of Information

Founded in 1997 by Greg Gulen, retired supervisor of the Orange County, CA District Attorney’s Office Technical Services Division, LegalTek is dedicated to providing affordable technical support to the law enforcement, corporate, legal and private investigation community. Mr. Gulen has over twenty years experience in the objective examination of forensic audio and video recordings, specialized equipment design and technical surveillance/countermeasures. As an active member of the National Technical Investigators Association, he remains abreast of today’s sophisticated technology and its application while utilizing accepted methodology of forensic analysis. During his career, he has both consulted and provided technical support to countless local, state federal and private investigation entities as well as the national legal community.

Mike Gallagher, a professional forensic video examiner and photographer joined LegalTek in 2000, bringing with him over twenty years of experience. Mr. Gallagher has an extensive background in forensic video analysis and both conventional and QuickTime VR photography. His expertise in crime scene photography and technical courtroom presentation are a valuable team asset.

LegalTek is a group of highly qualified consultants that provide audio and video laboratory services, electronic eavesdropping countermeasures sweeps, security surveys, technical surveillance and litigation support and both digital and analog surveillance system design and installation.

LegalTek is a factory representative for Martel Electronics, Inc. police car video systems. We also design and manufacture custom interview room recording systems for law enforcement applications.

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